BBQ Like You've Never Had

Corey Neely, no relation to the Boston Bruins’ great Cam Neely, is the owner of Neely’s barbecue in Nashville. Corey has been in the barbecue industry most of his life, taught the art of smoking meats by his uncle Quark Neely, who is the owner of Quark Neely’s Interstate BBQ, Corey and brother Joe learned the methods of slow cooking barbecue using indirect heat, as well as how to develop seasonings and sauces. 

In February 1988, Corey Neely launched into the Barbeque business, with a budget of $25,000.00 and opened the first Neely’s restaurant in midtown Memphis, with brothers Joe, Mark, and Gaelin.  The brothers built a reputation of hard work, wonderful Barbeque, and great service. In October of 1992, Corey  opened the second location in east Memphis. 

After creating success in the Memphis market, Corey decided to let his brothers run the operations in Memphis, he moved and expanded  the Neely brand to Nashville, Tennessee.  Corey created Neely’s of Nashville, which opened in March 2001 on the south side of the city in a small space, he signed a three year lease, and quickly became known as great BBQ in Nashville. In 2004, Corey realized he needed to move closer to the pulse of the city, he knew the move would be a risk but he wanted to establish the Neely brand in Nashville on a wider scale. Corey decided on a space at 2292 Rosa Parks, in the Metro Center area.  Metro Center is just north of downtown,  a area occupied by state offices, the Tennessee  Titian’s headquarters and host of other offices and businesses. 

Joe Neely, along with wife Gia debuted their cooking show “Down Home With Neelys” in Feburary 2008 on Food Network Channel, which created national recognition for the Neely family. In that same year, Corey opened in the Nashville International Airport in concourse B, through a partnership with HMS Host. In 2011, the Neely’s along with Merchants Hospitality, opened Neely’s Parlor in Manhattan, NYC. Neely’s has  been featured in Southern Living, Bon Appetite, New York Times, and USA Today, as well as many other national publications. Neely’s was the 2005 winner of The Memphis Business Journal Small Business Of The Year Award. Corey is proud to own the best restaurants in Nashville!

Corey has enjoyed his journey, but it’s far from over. Along with running his restaurants, he is involved with local cooking demonstrations, creating and sharing recipes, he has taken on the task of helping to prevent childhood hunger Nashville, he has served as the Vice Chairman of Small Business for the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.   He believes in giving back to his community and helping others.  When in Nashville, stop by and have a meal with big brother Corey. 

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